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More and more people are using smartphones everyday to stay connected, informed and involved. And that’s why ATU has launched a New Mobile App.

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CINCINNATI -- Police arrested a man who is accused of assaulting a Metro driver aboard a bus, and a dramatic video of the incident has been shared more than 1,000 times on Facebook.

Marcellus Thomas, 49, punched and shoved a 67-year-old bus driver at about 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, according to a police report. The driver told police that Thomas attacked him after a dispute over the fare.

The video shows the driver push Thomas out of the bus, but Thomas gets back inside before he could close the door. They wrestle while at least five passengers try to help the driver.

Apparently Cincinnati's floundering streetcar is going well enough for the top government official overseeing the rail line to receive a $22,000 raise.

SORTA has promoted streetcar director Paul Grether to a vice president's role and bumped his annual salary from $103,122 to $125,000, according to public records obtained by Politics Extra.

Come on, is SORTA really this bad at timing and public relations?

Council to Metro: If you just found $8M, why would you increase bus fares?

CINCINNATI -- More mixed feelings surrounded Metro's future during Tuesday's City Council committee meeting, when council members heard hopes for a better bus system but also asked tough questions about transit authority management.


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