Metro bus driver recovers after being beaten by two female riders

Bus drivers are susceptible to many dangers; in the last year, three have been assaulted in the metro area.

William Simpson said Sept. 29 is one day he will never forget in his 23-year career as a Metro bus driver.


Surveillance video shows the moment a Metro bus driver found a lost child wandering on a busy street in Fairmount early this month.

CINCINNATI - On the cusp of the streetcar's second anniversary, Cincinnati Bell has contacted the City of Cincinnati and said it has qualms about continuing to pay for the naming rights of the streetcar, a source told 

CINCINNATI -- City leaders continued their search for answers Tuesday as problems continued to pile up with the streetcar, 18 months into the system's operation.

At the heart of the numerous issues facing the struggling transit system: too many cooks in the kitchen

CINCINNATI -- Six new members swore their oaths Tuesday to serve on the region's transit board, as the agency prepares to reinvigorate its bus service through a proposed transit-dedicated sales tax.

Apparently Cincinnati's floundering streetcar is going well enough for the top government official overseeing the rail line to receive a $22,000 raise.

SORTA has promoted streetcar director Paul Grether to a vice president's role and bumped his annual salary from $103,122 to $125,000, according to public records obtained by Politics Extra.

Come on, is SORTA really this bad at timing and public relations?